Serena Ittoo – Artist Story

Serena Ittoo, a singer-songwriter from Enfield, UK, uses her music to explore and express the emotions we all experience in our daily lives. Her emphasis on authenticity highlights the importance of embracing our unique selves, both in her music and in her interactions with others.

Her commitment to her craft has opened doors to amazing opportunities, such as writing and performing an original song at Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home. Serena has also collaborated with renowned songwriters like Grammy winner Gary Nicholson and Grammy nominee Beth Neilson Chapman in Texas.

In addition to her musical career, Serena is a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, working to help others reach their full potential.

Dive into the world of Serena Ittoo’s music and discover her relatable melodies that connect listeners across language and cultural boundaries. Her songs will inspire you to appreciate your own individuality and recognize the shared experiences that unite us all. Experience the calming and uplifting qualities of Serena’s music, and let it accompany you on your journey through life’s ever-changing landscape.


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